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Social Media in Education: Overcoming Fears

posted Feb 16, 2013, 8:25 AM by Maria Geueke
Great resources from Edutopia on social media in education!

Using social media in the classroom...
Click here, for resources; collection of blogs, articles, and videos from Edutopia aims to help teachers deploy social media tools in the classroom to engage students in 21st-century learning.

Growing up in the digital age...
Growing up in the digital age is hard to do. Opportunities abound for mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are public, involve schoolmates and can be potentially embarrassing. So what happens when your child makes a mistake online? Whether it's typing, posting, sending or receiving something inappropriate, whether it's going onto an inappropriate site or just clicking unknowingly, parents still need to maintain their composure to make each experience a learning opportunity for their children. Click here, for a helpful guide for helping your child while growing up in the digital age.

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