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Meeting Minutes for 3/28/12

posted Mar 29, 2012, 1:32 PM by Corey Haynes

GMCSP Meeting Minutes 3/28/12, Wednesday 3:30-5pm , TFHS Rm #219


-Introductions/ice breakers
-Presentations about youth substance abuse

-Started meeting with intros and ice breaker.
-Donna Dusell gave a description of the day of humor coming up.
-Rachel welcomed new members to the meeting;
· Kathleen Adams, Gill Principal,
· Travis Yagodzinski, MES Principal, and
· Cindy Tarail, MCTV Community Outreach and Communications Coordinator.

Each gave an introduction to themselves and their organization.

Youth Substance Use – Most Youth are Not Using! Here’s what they’re up against and what our coalition’s local partners are doing about it.

-Jared Libby presented about the 84 project. Gave information about the project and it’s purpose. The 84 is a statewide movement of youth fighting Big Tobacco to make MA healthier and more tobacco-free, 84 represents the 84% of youth in Ma who choose not to smoke.

-Michele Komosa presented about “Oppose”, the “adult version” of the 84 project. Gave information about bringing awareness of targeting youth with tobacco products. Works with local municipalities to ban from certain tobacco products that are clearly targeted to youth.

-Glen Franklin presented about Above the Influence. Work with youth to get together to explore, discuss and express negative influences they have experienced. Tag It, is part of that and is used to show how they’re above the influence by taking pictures with certain things or places.

--Asked those present to name 2 pressures or influences we face daily and how we deal with that. Discussed in group.


-April 28 -Take back prescription drug day. Bring to police department.
-Brick House open house and cabaret Sunday the April 1 from 3-6.
-Next Partnership meeting is April 25.