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Letter from the Chief of Police on Helmet Campaign

posted Apr 11, 2013, 8:43 AM by Maria Geueke
A Call to Action

As the Police and Fire Chiefs of both Gill and Montague, we are charged with ensuring the safety of all our community members.  We do this in partnership with all the citizens in both towns.  Today we are asking for your help in protecting our most valuable assets, our children.

In response to a local Montague Elementary School parent’s concern, we are joining the Gill Montague Community School Partnership’s (The Partnership) Call to Action to raise awareness of the importance of helmet use.  We encourage you to notice and commend anyone wearing a helmet and to remind those not, to put one on.  

Recently there has been a national conversation focusing on the lasting and at times devastating effects of head injuries and concussions.  Our community is not immune to this reality.  One of the easiest ways to prevent these tragedies is to ensure all our children are wearing helmets whenever participating in activities with the potential for head injury, including but not limited to:

Bicycling Skateboarding Snowmobiling
Sledding Rollerblading ATV riding
Scootering Skiing/ Snowboarding Motorcycling

Tomorrow with the help of the Montague Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization and the Montague Harmony Masons, The Partnership kicks off the Gill Montague “Got Helmet?” Campaign with a BMX stunt show for all GMRSD students during school.  The Montague and Gill Police along with the Turners Falls Fire Department will be present to endorse this important event.  

Do not be surprised if you see our local police officers “pulling over” youth wearing their helmets to “ticket” them for being “caught in the act” of doing something great.  The “ticket” is actually a gift certificate donated by local establishments. Thanks to the Turners Falls Pizza House, the 2nd Street Bakery (on 4th) and others for their generous reward donations.  These gift certificates will double as free raffle tickets for a bicycle/ scooter/ or skateboard prize.

The campaign will include a number of helmet and safety events in the coming weeks and months with the goal of becoming a community where everyone wears a helmet! To see the schedule of events call the Partnership at 863-7512, or go to their website, or their Facebook page, 

Thank you,

Montague Police Chief Chip Dodge III
Gill Police Chief David W. Hastings
Gill Fire Chief Gene Beaubien 
Montague Center Fire Chief John Greene
Turners Falls Fire Chief Robert Escott