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In The Spotlight

posted Nov 29, 2011, 1:02 PM by Corey Haynes
Rebecca Wright, District Coordinator of ELL Services (English Language Learners), originally from Kentucky, has been involved in GMRSD’s ELL program since 2005. In addition to supporting Pre-K and K students at Montague Elementary School and Gill Elementary school, as the Coordinator she provides professional development for district staff regarding the education of linguistically diverse students as well as serving as the Spanish-Speaking Liaison for students and parents, acting as a bridge between the schools and families for a variety of purposes. Rebecca would like to expand the program to support English and native language literacy efforts in the home, especially for families with elementary aged children.

Currently there are 56 ELL students in the district. The ELL population generally is very stable, remaining in the District through graduation. Rebecca also translates for parent –teacher conferences, where parent participation for ELL students in grades pre-K through 5 is nearly 100% every year. This may be in part due to the relationships she has established with the ELL families and students and has helped to create a sense of familiarity and comfort with the school setting.

The current ELL population includes families who are: Moldovan, Russian, Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Haitian, Belarusian and Vietnamese as well as Spanish speakers from several countries.

“I love my job and I am grateful I get to do the work I do.” And we are grateful as well.