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GMRSD has won a "Green Difference Award"

posted Apr 12, 2012, 9:13 AM by Corey Haynes

Fantastic news! GMRSD has won a "Green Difference Award" for their excellent new compost program!

Thank you so very much to all staff, especially custodial and kitchen staff, teachers who are helping with cafeteria sorting, teachers who are collecting compostables in their classrooms, teachers whose students are taking the hallways compost toters out, and those teachers who have including composting and recycling in their curriculum!

Thank you to students for properly sorting your lunch waste!

These programs are truly making a difference in our community!

The school has received an invitation to accept the award at the State House on May 4th at 11am.

Three Cheers for GMRSD!

Congratulations Green Difference Awards Winners & Green Schools Student Ambassadors of 2012!

1. Abby Kelley Foster Charter School

2. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

3. Andover High School

4. Beverly High School

5. City of Lowell Recycling Coordinator, Gunther Wellenstein

6. Foxborough Regional Charter School

7. Stonehill College, Bridget Meigs

8. Manchester Essex Regional School District, Green Scholars Advisors

9. Mansfield High School, Project Teammate

10. Newton North High Schools, Greengineers

11. South Shore Public Charter School

12. Touchstone Community School

13. Town of Milton, William Ritchie

14. Wellesley Middle School Green Team

15. Wellesley High School

16. White Oaks Elementary School, Rosalie Tubre

17. Gill-Montague Regional School District

18. Wellesley High School, Eva Loh & Juyon Lee [Certificate of Recognition]

19. W. Bridgewater Middle/Sr. High School, Ashley Faghan [Certificate of Recognition]

20. W. Bridgewater Middle/Sr. High School, Mitchell Manning [Certificate of Recognition]