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GMCS Partnership Meeting Minutes 10/26/11

posted Nov 3, 2011, 7:51 AM by Corey Haynes   [ updated Nov 3, 2011, 7:52 AM ]
-Intro activity
-Joyce Fulmer/Bill Doyle – underage drinking
-The 84

Cate Woolner opened with intro activity: first unsupervised drinking experience: where, with whom, how you felt about it.
-Talked about social norms surrounding underage drinking at the time of the first unsupervised experience, gave introductions.

Joyce Fulmer/Bill Doyle – underage drinking. 

-Data from the Community Laws and Norms Workgroup of the Communities that Care Coalition

-Young people who believe adults in their community think underage drinking is wrong are less likely to drink than young people who think adults do not care. Similarly, young people who think alcohol is difficult to obtain are less likely to report drinking than their peers who find it easy to access alcohol. Here's what some of the local data show:

-Only 16% of local young people who believe adults in their community think underage drinking is very wrong report recent use of alcohol -- whereas more than half of those who believe adults think underage drinking is a little bit wrong or not wrong at all report recent drinking.

-Only 8% of local young people who say it is very hard to get alcohol report recent drinking, as compared to 52% of those who say it is very easy.

-Further information and discussion on community laws and norms pertaining to drug use and underage drinking.
-Alcohol purchase survey and alcohol compliance checks information.

Tyanna Normandin – the 84 chapter
-The Partnership has been awarded a mini-grant from Health Resources in Action to form an 84 chapter at Turners Falls High School. The 84 is a movement - led by young people from all over Massachusetts to fight for a tobacco-free generation. The 84 is a forum for youth voice and thought - whether you're active and loud in fighting tobacco, or whether you keep it low-key.

-Through The 84 Chapters, young people work in their own communities or schools to fight tobacco addiction and the industry. Tyanna Normandin has been hired as the Coordinator of the effort and she has recruited several TFHS students who will carry out the project, under the guidance of The Brick House. Within our local chapter, the Project Coordinator and Youth Participants will meet once a week to plan and develop the project and take trips every other week to examine tobacco advertising in the community - walking into stores, community spaces, and riding the town bus system in an effort to document tobacco advertisements. The group will gather their findings on the amount of tobacco advertising as well as instances in which the advertising targets youth directly or indirectly, and then present these findings at a public forum in the Spring.
Hundreds come together from around the state to meet, network, do some serious strategizing about how to fight tobacco, and take action at The 84's statewide events, like Kick Butts Day. 
-The 84 represents the 84% of Massachusetts teens who choose not to smoke.
--Heard from youth representative.

-Drug Take back day – 10/29
-The Brick House Fall Workshop Series
-Above the influence shout out group, starts Thursday 10/27 – Meeting Mondays and Thursday at the GFHS for high schoolers. – send pictures and upcoming events
-November 10, 5-7pm Open house Community Action Youth Programs
-Next meeting December 7, 6-7:30pm. Place TBA
Corey Haynes,
Nov 3, 2011, 7:51 AM