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Gill-Montague Partnership Meeting notes 12/5/2012

posted Jan 9, 2013, 10:37 AM by Maria Geueke
A total of  21 people attended some or all of the Retreat and represented the following sectors:
School teachers, admin, staff
Life-long TF residents
Youth serving agencies
Town employee
Consultant, former Partnership staff
Social service orgs
Partnership staff
EC members
A re-cap of the survey sent to all Partnership members was shown in a PowerPoint which is available in hard copy.   Most salient points:
Community. The Partnership helps create and maintain a sense of community, which people highly value.
Connections. The networking, collaborating and convening functions are highly valued.
Focus on youth highly valued.
SNM and marketing campaigns have visual impact. They are seen, noted and appreciated.
Helps raise awareness of challenges and opps. for youth
Provides support to teachers and schools
Provides useful data on youth trends in the community

Without the Partnership structure and function
More demand on EC or some passionate person(s) to keep the essential functions going in a focused way
Potential loss of social and resource capital that a coalition can provide, and, loss of collective impact
Would need a uniting issue and mechanism to inspire  people
School could become more isolated
Divide between downtown and the hill increases
Decrease in community connections
Loss of momentum  for community level change, commitment of EC and regular Partners
Loss of opportunities to network, collaborate and access to important info for parents, teachers and community (as in newsletter, Facebook and website and events)
Decreased youth recognition (and adult recognition) for positive contributions to community

More engagement with parents
More input/involvement from youth…competitions? Prizes? For pro-social  (perhaps collective) events/activities
Regular, meaningful presence in Reporter
Connecting with community that cannot be on EC or come to Pship meetings
Raise the visibility
Support positive moments in town and school (recognition for good stuff)
Contribute to town revitalization plan, create a vision for a diverse culture, not town/hill divide, artsy/old school divide    (both have elements of class divides)
Increase use of data both gathering and promoting positive aspects of community
Involve pre-school and elementary populations (parents, providers)
Shift away from $$ driven activities, campaigns etc
Bring together students and community members including law enforcement
There is an abundance of volunteers in the community
Some connection to international decade of cooperatives
Cash in (ha ha) on state and federal movement toward prevention model
Get in on the ground floor if/when there is a new superintendent
We are more than an underage drinking prevention coalition. We are a community organizing model of coalition building. Give us broader opps. for strategies and alliances. 

Those present unanimously endorsed the Partnership applying for DFC funding for yrs 6-10.