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First TFHS Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Safe Space Pledge

posted Jun 20, 2013, 9:22 AM by Anastasia Quinn Keck
On May 29th approximately 20 Turners Falls High School teachers and counselors participated in first TFHS Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Safe Space Pledge.  In the pledge development stage, the GSA members brainstormed what a safe space meant to them. The ideas included:  that in each new class the teacher will explain how their room is a safe space and review the pledge with the class; that they are a confidential support; that there is no name calling or bigotry, verbal and non-verbal; that they will intervene and remind students of the safe space when mistakes are made; that they are approachable about LBGTQ issues.   In February the GSA members presented the Pledge to the TFHS faculty and staff.  A rich discussion followed and the teachers gave feedback.  Following, all TFHS faculty and staff were formally invited to voluntarily take the pledge. Laminated safe space signs hang in all safe spaces where the teacher or staff has taken the pledge. Thanks to teachers and staff who took the pledge and the students for making their school a safer place for all.