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Chess and the Classroom: Meet the Champs

posted Feb 1, 2013, 10:15 AM by Maria Geueke
An article from the New York Times talks about the role of chess for students...

"Chess teaches me self-control" that spills over into other schoolwork,
Carlos said...

"Chess tends to be the domain of privileged schools whose star players have
had their own personal chess coaches since elementary school. Yet the
national champion team comes from a high-poverty, inner-city school, and
four-fifths of its members are black or Hispanic.

Affluent kids continue to enjoy nursery school and chess tutors, even as
programs for poor kids are eliminated. Education is the best escalator out
of poverty, but for too many kids it's creaking to a standstill.

As we make historic fiscal decisions in the coming months, let's not balance
budgets by slashing investments in our future. That would be like
economizing on heating bills by feeding the front door into the fire.

While on leave, I'll be rooting for kids like Carlos to soar to another
national championship - and far beyond. Given the returns, the question
isn't whether we can afford to invest in opportunities for kids but how we
can possibly afford not to."

Click here, for the full article!