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Alcohol Compliance Checks completed Montague show 100% compliance!

posted Nov 18, 2011, 10:51 AM by Corey Haynes
A total of 17 establishments were checked twice over the past year, with a compliance rate of 100%. The checks were implemented by a unique collaboration between a youth substance abuse prevention coalition and fifteen towns throughout Franklin County and the North Quabbin who have signed onto the Franklin County Alcoholic Beverages Compliance Initiative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The Communities that Care Coalition worked to promote this MOU for Franklin County and North Quabbin region towns willing to work together on the enforcement of underage drinking laws. Currently Ashfield, Athol, Bernardston, Buckland, Colrain, Charlemont, Deerfield, Gill, Heath, Montague, Northfield, Orange, Shelburne, Sunderland and Whately have all signed on to the MOU.

The Communities that Care Coalition has identified that Franklin County young people need to get a clearer message that adults disapprove of underage drinking. Regular compliance checks have been proven to reduce youth access to alcohol, injuries and accidents related to underage drinking, and sexual assaults.

Police departments demonstrate a great amount of dedication and concern about the issues of underage drinking as exemplified by the actions of Montague and the other towns signed onto the MOU. “We hope to get additional towns signed on to the MOU this year as a way of supporting and creating a sustainable regional effort to complete alcohol compliance checks. More important, by doing so, we can continue to send the message to our young people that we care about their well-being and disapprove of underage drinking” says Joyce Fulmer, a staff member of CCT, and co-chair of the Communities That Care Coalition’s Laws and Norms Workgroup.

The Community Coalition for Teens, a program of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments, co-hosts of The Communities that Care Coalition. It receives funding from the MA Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services to support compliance checks, and is able to reimburse police departments for overtime associated with the checks.