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posted Dec 18, 2012, 9:12 AM by Maria Geueke

A collaboration between Montague Elementary  art students, art teacher Nancy Meagher and  Connecticut River Watershed Council’s Carol Berner has resulted in “A is for Avenue A: the ABC’s of Gill-Montague.
Funded by Gill Montague Education Fund, the book grows out of a project called  “Bridging Communities: Postcards From the River’s Edge” in which students in Gill and Montague Elementary Schools created drawings and paintings of their towns and these works of art were shared across the river, introducing students to each other and their towns.  Students also wrote poems about their community. “I am From…”  Nancy took the many images and poems and organized them into the book. You can see a sample of them in the window of Montague Catholic Social Ministries on Avenue A in downtown Turners Falls.  Sometime this winter there will be an art opening at The Brick House displaying the images and poems. 
Prior to A is for… the 2000 post card sized drawings and poems were scanned as part of The Child and the Landscape, a project of  Annaliese Bischoff,  a UMass Professor of Landscape Design, and they became Child’s Guide to Turners Falls. The leftover images became A is For  Avenue A.  Future local art projects include a focus on the history of Turners Falls all the way from the dino prints, Native people living in the area, the factories and factory workers to the present, according to visionary Nancy Meagher.