Community Youth Recognition - It's Important And Easy To Do!

posted Jan 10, 2012, 10:42 AM by Corey Haynes

Young People Make Us Proud!

  • Offering jobs and volunteer opportunities tell our youth that we think they are capable and important.
  • Let’s show youth that we notice their successes.
  • Clear community expectations and rules help youth make positive decisions. Let’s get youth involved in changing our communities for the better!
  • Often youth who achieve great things in out-of-school times are not the same youth who shine during school hours.
  • Community groups like youth centers, faith groups, after school and volunteer programs allow youth to thrive in many exciting ways.
  • Young people who are encouraged to participate in their community are more likely to make more positive choices.
  • Remember the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Our parents hated our hair,music and clothes and we turned out “pretty good!”
  • Recognizing the achievements of our youth helps strengthen our community.

5 Sentences Kids Want to Hear:
  1. Great Job! 
  2. We’re so proud of you!
  3. You’re amazing! 
  4. That’s a great improvement!
  5. You make a difference in our town!
Easy Ways to Appreciate Young People
  • Greet young people in public. Make eye contact. Greet them by name if possible.
  • Help establish a Youth Wall of Fame in your business, town, school or faith community.
  • Any time a youth wins an award, or is in the newspaper, it goes up on the Wall of Fame.
  • Ask for youth participation in planning community events. Give stipends or tokens of appreciation for their help (movie passes, gift certificates, etc.). Be creative!
  • Notify the press about any youth achievements or involvement in the community.
  • Notify schools and parents/guardians about youth achievements in the community.
  • Invite them to any events celebrating youth.
  • Join with other businesses, community groups or government agencies to host a youth recognition ceremony. Give small awards to as many youth as possible.
  • If you employ young people, institute a “Youth Employee of the Month” recognition.
  • If you do not employ youth consider “hiring” youth interns to learn about your business.
  • Ask your town officials to annually and formally recognize the positive contributions of youth.

Every Youth Wants to Be Appreciated!

Brought to you by the Community Coalition for Teens and the Communities That Care Coalition.The Communities That Care Coalition’s Youth Recognition Workgroup promotes recognition for positive youth involvement in families, schools and communities.

For More Information Contact Rachel Stoler at (413) 774-1194 x 116