Gill Montague Helmet Campaign


Dear Gill Montague Parents,

Last Fall, a Montague Elementary School parent brought her concern about helmet use to our attention following several preventable child head injuries in Gill and Montague.  In response, we formed a committee and strategized how we could increase helmet use, especially among children.  Today we would like to announce our “Gill Montague Got Helmet” campaign!  Tomorrow, we will host our kickoff event, a BMX bike stunt show by Team E.A.S.T. for all GMRSD students during school.  Our hope is to impress the importance of helmet use upon the students and increase usage.  We know that one stunt show will not make this change alone.  That is why we have reached out to many of our community partners to help us.   All five Gill and Montague Police and Fire Chiefs have endorsed the campaign.   In fact, you can find a “Call to Action” letter in today’s issue of The Montague Reporter.

Starting Friday, children prekindergarten-12th grade will be “ticketed” by Gill and Montague Police officers with “caught in the act” gift certificates for wearing a helmet.   This extra incentive for helmet safety will also foster positive personal relationships between youth and police officers.  Many of our local businesses, including 2nd Street Bakery (on 4th) and Turners Falls Pizza House are donating rewards for the “tickets.”  These gift certificates also double as raffle tickets.  Just have your child fill in their name, phone number, and the town they live in on the “ticket” before they redeem it for their reward.  The drawings will be on May 11th at the Gill Carnival for Gill residents and June 8th at the Montague Harmony Masons’ 2nd Annual Child Safety Day for Montague residents.

Along with Gill and Montague Chiefs, the Montague Masons, MES PTO, GMRSD, The Brick House, Montague Parks and Recreation, 2nd Street Bakery (on 4th), TF Pizza House, the Sherriff’s Office, the GES PTO, we are now asking for your help!  We invite you and all of Gill Montague community members to make sure that everyone, especially our children, wear helmets whenever participating in activities where there is potential for head injury.  None of us can do this alone, but we can all make this happen together!

Thank you for your support!
Gill Montague Community School Partnership